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Malaysia TV Channels

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March 27, 2012


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Malaysia TV Channels

Watch Malaysian TV Channels Free Online

Malaysian Television Started broadcasting service on 28 December 1963.In Starting it broadcasts programs in black and wight , After some time in 1978 it becomes colored and popularity  increased.First color transmission launched on New Year’s Day 1982.There are total eight free to air TV stations working in Malaysia and 3 pay-to-view based. Ntv7 Malaysia is one of the popular station in Malaysian community as well as RTM TV 1 and RTM TV 2.

Now Media becomes more advanced , Subscription providers are  also available and many capabilities such as (EPG) , (VOD) and (HD) and coverage across Malaysia.On this website you can watch all famous TV station which broadcasts from Malaysia like TV9 Malaysia Astro PrimaTV Alhijrah,
TV Selangor, Astro Vaanavil,  Astro Ceria, Astro Oasis,

Install Plugins

We tried our best every stream should play , If you find and channel stream is not playing then contact us , We will fix it as early as possible.

You just need media player plug-in and latest adobe flash player.You just need to have broadband internet connection to Watch.

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